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Useful links, parts suppliers & more...
UK high altitude webpage that has a number of useful tools:
Landing prediction using the European model of upper air
Burst calculator – useful for deciding burst height, necessary neck lift,. etc.
Builder of the 2M gps transmitter I used
Hands down the best balloons made. Easy ordering.
Downloads for hacking your Canon camera with great forum support, as well as an list of the hackable cameras.
Register your launch with HAB community;  good links for other resources.
Where I got my balloon inflator/regulator; easy to use.
Nice kit for “out of the box” HAB (but where’s the fun in that?!!).
Father and son HAB enthusiasts. Good resources and stories.
Athracite repeat association website. Our local Ham radio club of which I am a member. Helpful group of people that helped aid in tracking and working out the radios.
Real-time tracking site for following your balloon or others’.


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