Anthracite High Altitude Ballooning, Hazleton, PA


How I got started...

Late in 2014 I was surfing in the internet and stumbled across some pictures of the curvature of the earth and our atmosphere.  They were beautiful photos that had to be professionally taken with a satellite or a rocket... or so I thought. Reading on I was surprised to find out that it was taken by a small group of guys with a balloon and a regular point and shoot camera. I immediately wanted to be able to take that picture on my own. I spent about a month researching what I needed to do and what my goals were.

I had three primary goals:

    1. Take a picture of the curvature of the earth.
    2. Get kids interested in science by showing a fun side of it.
    3. Perform realtime tracking of balloon using

And thus began the build of my first HAB... READ MORE



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